Boundaries & Definitions

The changes made to this year's survey reflect the diversification of the corporate responsibility sector, including the types of job functions and professionals who are now classed as CRS professionals. To ensure the credibility of the results, this survey has clearly defined boundaries – especially in relation to the participants.

To ensure useful, repeatable data is collected, the survey will concentrate on the following:

  • CRS professionals working within large commercial organisations (including cooperatives, mutuals and limited liability partnerships)
  • Consultants working in dedicated CRS Consultancies, or in CRS Consulting Teams within larger professional services groups
  • CRS professionals working within select public bodies and CRS-related non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Though there are many terms currently used for corporate responsibility (including corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship etc) for the purposes of this survey, and for continuity, we use the term CRS, in reference to all the above.

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Distribution Partners

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